Ativiade de Inglês - Non-action verbs

by - fevereiro 22, 2018

Ativiade de Inglês - Non-action verbs
Essa atividade faz parte do curso My English Online e usei com meus alunos.

Read the words:

appear - parecer
 believe - acreditar
 belong - pertencer
 feel - sentir
 hate - odiar
 hear - ouvir

hope - esperar
 like - gostar
 look - olhar
 miss - sentir saudade
 prefer - preferir
 sound - parecer

Which are you more likely to feel?

(  ) satisfied
(  )school

Choose the correct non-action verb to complete each sentence.

1. I  ________taking this class. It starts too early in the morning! 
(  ) hate    (  ) feel

2. Dan doesn’t  ____that I don’t know how to drive.
(  ) believe    (  ) belong

3. I  ______________  to a book group, and now I’m joining a chess club!
(   ) belong     (   ) miss

4. The course is difficult, but I  the final exam is pretty easy.
(   ) hate    (   ) hear

5. Miranda always  tired because she stays up too late at night.
(   ) feels   (   )belong

6. My cousin lives in New York now, and I really  him.

(   ) belong    (   ) miss

Match each non-action verb to the correct definition:






hope enjoy a person or thing

2 to seem a certain way when seen
to seem a certain way when heard
to like one person or thing more than another person or thing
to want or wish for something
to know what something means or how it works

Choose the correct non-action verb to complete each sentence.

  • prefer
  • understand
  • sounds
  • hope
  • hates
  • appears
1. Look, that man 

 to be lost. Let's help him.

2. We enjoy playing basketball, but we 
 playing computer games.
3. Wow, listen to Dana coughing. She 
 really sick.
4. Let’s watch something else. I don’t 
 this film.
5. Gail 
 biology, but she really likes math.
6. I 
 the train is on time. I don’t want to be late.

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