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by - abril 19, 2018

At what Age is Someone Considered a Legal Adult in the US?

The age at which one is considered a legal adult in the US is typically 18. What defines a legal adult is ability to legally work, participate in contracts, vote, marry, give sexual consent, and join the military. Being a legal adult under 21 does not give one the right in most states to purchase alcohol, however.
The age one becomes a legal adult in the US is largely the age at which most children are considered adults in the world. A few countries set this age lower, but in most of the Western world, one is considered an adult at 18.
In some cases, a child under 18 is a legal adult especially for the purposes of marrying or signing contracts, prior to 18. This is rare and tends to occur if a child sues his or her parents for emancipation. An emancipated child is still a “minor,” however, and may not vote until he or she turns 18.
For many parents the term legal adult does not mean their children possess certain adult characteristics. For example, being an adult implies being able to make mature decisions, participate in civic matters, have self-control, and be responsible. Some 18-year-olds simply lack these characteristics and need further time to develop them. It concerns some parents that an 18-year-old can make life-altering decisions, like marrying early or joining the military, which may not have been made with significant forethought.


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